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AMOSS combines two words "amass" and "moss." 


We wanted a name that captured the core of our shop and our products–something earthy, natural, and connected to personal growth and community. 

As they say, moss never grows on a rolling stone. While we're big fans of the band, the purpose of our shop is to provide products to help you feel rooted and grounded. In other words, to be so firmly planted in yourself, your health, and your spiritual practice that you could start to grow some moss. (Figuratively, of course!)

Growing as individuals helps us grow as a community. Our shop seeks to foster a sense of community by creating a shared space for wellness, physical and mental health, and all-inclusive spiritual practice. 

The name AMOSS is also a tribute to the memory of Daniel and Kayla Amos, who died in a tragic car accident in 2016. Daniel and Kayla's memory inspires us to be open and loving to all religions, spiritualities, or lack thereof, as that was their true heart's purpose.

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